Multi User Inventory Count / Stock Take

Inventory Count Solution not only allows you to avoid such discrepancies and get rid of such Nightmares but manage various other processes too in an Automated way while syncing up the Physical availability of products to the one with the stock count in Inventory Management Software

► It Automates and solves various processes of your Business while counting stock manually

► Set Planner

► Track Records of Inventory Count

► Manage multiple Sessions simultaneously

► Analysis of the performance of the employee

► Analysis of the accuracy of work done by an employee

► Approve/Reject based on the discrepancy generated

► Inventory Count Report

► Adjustment Report

► User Statistic Report

► Informative Dashboard

Responsible Kathleen Miranda
Last Update 09/06/2023
Completion Time 55 minutes
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    • Create Inventory Count Planner, Inventory Count & Inventory Count Session Part-1
    • How users should count physical quantities of products to perform Inventory Count Session Part-2
    • How Approver can either Approve or Reject Counted quantities by User Part-3
    • What type of Analysis to do through Dashboard & various Reports Part-4
    • How to count Products using Barcode Scanner for Inventory Count Session that is assigned Part-5